the original picture for Xaxian Scum.

Welcome to the Xaxian Scum wiki

"Xaxian Scum" is a comic series made by me, for a website called MOCpages, it is all represented in Lego®, but some characters are drawn by me. Only my MOCpages friends know really what it's all about, so I made this wiki to let my friends on MOCpages learn about the story, characters, vehicles, and more without using a MOCpages page. To my friends on MOCpages, enjoy! but be warned, this wiki reveals spoilers about the series.

Comic seriesEdit

Xaxian Scum is a Lego® comic series for a website called MOCpages. The first episode hasn't come out yet, but this wiki can tell you all about it before it even starts!

Latest activityEdit

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