Makkanaw forest is a massive rainforest filled with animals, mud, foliage, and water. Zylo Uxakah always rides his hoverboard through the forest for fun. But he eventually came across some ruins, apparently he had found Zawah city, an ancient area that used to be inhabited by the creatures in the forest these days, they used to be very intelligent creatures, but when their city got destroyed by an assault, most of the evolved ones got killed. Now days, it is still believed that some of the evolved versions of these creatures are still alive. But no one has ever met one, the creatures in Makkanaw forest are less intelligent than the ones that lived in Zawah, but are believed to be the same species.

Weird forestEdit

Makkanaw forest is said to be very spiritual, and weird things happen there sometimes. It is believed that things from different eras in time get transported there. Later in the comic, Chip was fooling around with an old Crimson Guard transportation ring, he tried to see if it was still working, and wanted to see if it would transport him to a different area, like it should. He jumped into it guessing it would take him to another part of Zewk city, but it transported him back in time, and into Makkanaw forest. It was believed that the age of the transporter, and the wrong coordinates, sent him back in time. And Makkanaw forest has a way of messing with time. The Shadow Inverse is also said to be trapped in a statue somewhere in the forest.

Inverse StatueEdit

Everyone knows the story of the Shadow Inverse, but few have heard of the statue it is supposedly trapped in. They say the Shadow Inverse is trapped in a statue hidden somewhere in the forest, because the man who was said to have controlled it, trapped it in the statue. Nobody knows the name of the man who once controlled the Shadow Inverse, but it is said he is still alive. People believe that he trapped the Inverse by building a statue that was frozen in Plasmite, then he let out the Inverse and it got trapped within the statue, so people believe that the statue must be in a frozen cave underground. People have been exploring the forest for years, and have yet to find that cave.

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