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Zylo Uxakah is the main character of the series. A mischievous person with a knack for machines, always looking for ways to include mechanical items in his every day life. But with the advanced electronics and machines seen all the time in his city, it's not hard to. Zylo, like everyone else, hated the dictatorship created by the great Xaalt, the ruler of the Xalaraxius galaxy. No one could do anything about Xaalt, because he is too powerful. Xaalt gained control over the galaxy by his own means, no one even knows what species Xaalt is, or where he came from. But as soon as he came to their galaxy, he took control over the original leader, Monaxx, who was far less powerful than Xaalt, and did not stand a chance. Zylo has heard the legend of the "Shadow Inverse", a demonic and spiritual power said to be able to defeat anything it would face, but nothing can kill it, of course, untill the body it takes over dies of natural cause. But it is also said that there was once a man who was able to control it, simply by having a strong mind, it is stated that he could only control it if rage did not take over his mind. Meaning that as long as he didn't get angry enough, he could keep it in. Zylo always felt different, and wondered what his family did, because he lost his family in an assault upon the galaxy, due to Xaalt's choice to not give their galaxy protection. And now he takes risks far too much, and feels that he should use that attitude to try and kill Xaalt with the "Shadow Inverse"

Eric uxakah

Eric using his favorite weapon, an Eviscerator Gatling gun.

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