While Zylo was hoverboarding through Makkanaw forest he came across a Mech Suit covered in foliage. Apparently it had been sent back in time somehow, because the Mech Suit only existed when the
Mech suit

the fixed Mech Suit.

Crimson Guard began. But Zylo had no idea where it came from, he tried to start it up again by getting into the cockpit and messing around with it. Eventually he found two disconnected wires sticking out of the controls, he binded them together and tried to turn it on again. He then found a shifting lever to his side, he shifted it every direction, and eventually the mech turned on and some of the controls lit up. The mech was too old to work properly, and did not have enough strength to move on it's own. Zylo marked the area with the mech on his map, and returned to his home to get supplies. Once he collected the parts he needed, he went back to the area with the mech, he used his mechanical abilities to repair the hydraulics, and the motors. When he was done, he tried starting up the mech again, and it was able to lift itself up again. He realized that the design wasn't very far from the technology they have on Davastiss, but he wanted to keep it a secret, and use it for his own means. Over time, Zylo added more and more items to the mech, and was always giving it more powerful motors and hydraulic systems. His current upgraded version included shoulder mounted missile launchers, and micro power cores in each fore arm, making the arms very powerful, and able to lift, punch, and sweep almost any object in his way. All these upgrades were intended to be used against Xaalt, that is, if Zylo finds that Inverse statue. But it would be very useful for him against the Xaalt Troopers guarding the city, they have nothing like the Mech Suit.
Mech suit 04

Eric driving the fixed Mech Suit.

Mech suit 03

The Mech Suit's micro power cores, on it's fore arms.

Mech suit 02

The cockpit, and the deadly shoulder mounted missile launchers.

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