A list of characters in the comic.

Main charactersEdit

The main characters of Xaxian Scum™ are Zylo Uxakah, Edge, Ozzie Stokko, Kaden Wakall, Bob Sewwers, and Chip. They all play a role in fighting against the great Xaalt.

Zylo UxakahEdit

See Eric Uxakah

The main character, the "Awesome Eviscerator", and the all around spiky blue haired dude with a gatling gun. AKA Siggy Zylo Figgy.


He's the half robot half human dude who lives on himself! And the owner of the one and only ultimate weapon, the Liberator! an oversized gun that fires heat seeking plasma missiles!

Ozzie StokkoEdit

The scaredy cat scientist who helps Eric out with the jobs he gets from everybody, often jobs the people won't do themselfs, even when they can.

Kaden WakallEdit

Kaaden has one robotic eye, and loves to shoot and blow stuff up! He can even use his robot eye as a laser pointer! which is ironic consitering laser pointers hurt your eyes.

Bob SewwersEdit

An old plumber with a little life experience, mostly because he's done some plumbing in the Zewk city sewers, and there are some nasty creatures down there! You better bring a gun with ya!


Chip is a former Crimson Guard bot, that somehow found an old CG transporter and messed around with it. Apparently he jumped into the portal and it transmitted his molocules back in time! He had no idea why it transported him back in time instead of transporting him to another area. But they think it's because he's a robot. But since he met Eric and the guys when he came out of the portal, he helps them out with jobs now.


Bristol is an underground weapons/ vehicles dealer, an old friend of Eric's. Hiding out in an abandoned ware house in Zewk, he is eager to help Eric defeat Xaalt, selling him things for a fraction of his regular prices, and mascarading as a Xaalt trooper. Ever cunning, Bristol is resourceful, and is always able to "acquire" things for his friend. His favourite weapon is his trusty shotgun!

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